TweetDeck For iPhone Updated To v2.0 [video]

The app has been rebuilt from the ground up keeping in mind “a series of guiding principles” they identified from the original app according to the developers. There are a bevy of new and improved features, most notably the ability to create fully customizable columns with infinite scroll lists.

A revamped UI still looks a little blah despite all the PR hyped up descriptions of being “beautiful” and “far more sexy.” They have an odd obsession with Batman references. It’s even embodied in the black, grey and yellow color scheme of the app itself. Maybe all apps should model themselves after super heroes and comic book personalities. I’d love a Rorschach twitter app. Every post would be converted into a wildly conspiratorial claim and the UI would be a constantly morphing mess.

Other features include new gesture support, being able to follow back-and-forth tweets as conversations, and built in support for long posts. Push notification support? Yeah… still missing….

Tweetdeck 2.0 is available in the app store…