TweetDeck For The iPhone Is Here & It Is Amazing! Sorry Tweetie…

So a couple of ours ago , FSMdotCOM told you that TweetDeck is coming for the iPhone . Well , a couple of ours later and TweetDeck is here and it is AMAZING!!! I love it already.First of all you must know that TweetDeck for iPhone its free and you can download it from the appstore.

When you first load the app, you will need to go through some steps. First of all you need to login into your twitter account. That should be simple. You just need to enter your twitter username and password.

Next step is to create a TweetDeck account. Why would you want to create such an account? Well, with that account you can sync your computer’s TweetDeck with the iPhone TweetDeck and vice-versa. Should be real simple, just tap on Yes, Sign Me Up and create your account.

And thats it, congratulations. Now the amazing Twiter journey begins.

The look and feel of TweetDeck for the iPhone its exactly like the one on your desktop. You will have all your twitter stream, your @replies and your DM’s each in a column. You will also have any addition columns you have set on your desktop. To scroll between them , all you need to do is swipe your finger from right to left and back. By tapping on on column it will maximize that column to full screen.

At the bottom of the screen you will have a set of buttons: Updates, Refresh, Add Column, Settings and More.


Here you will have all the updates from your friends: twitter stream, @replies , DM’s , additional columns. It will display a number so it will let you know that there is activity and you should check it.


I think this one is self explanatory. It refreshes your twitter stream in case you dont have the patience for it to refresh itself. You also have the option to “Shake to refresh”, but i will tell you about that one later.

Add Column

Here you can add as much columns as you want. You can add a twitter search, user group, any of the default columns in case you deleted them.


Under the settings tab you will find:

  1. Manage Accounts – where you can edit the current account(s) or add more accounts
  2. Edit Accounts – where you can edit the TweetDeck account you created when at the beginging. Remember, you needed to create an account in order for you to sync TweetDeck from your iPhone with the one on your computer and vice-versa
  3. Settings – here you can turn ON or OFF typing settings like auto-correct and auto-capitalization ; choose twitpic or yfrog for your picture uploading ; you can turn On or OFF TweetDeck’s sounds, Growl ( notification system like the one on Mac ) ; you can choose to show real names ; and you can choose to shake the iPhone in order to refresh the twitter stream.


Here you get two options: sync columns and add twitter users.

How to Tweet, @reply and DM with TweetDeck for iPhone

First of all you need to choose the Column you want. If you want to Tweet choose the “All Friends” column and so on. You choose the column by tapping on it. When you in the right column for your action, you will need to tap the yellow button on the upper right corner. When you tap that button it will take you to a new screen which i believe you are familiar with. There are 3 buttons tho, which i will explain in a moment.

  1. Shorten Link: you type the link inside the tweet ( i.e. ) and than you tap the link button. The link will be automatically shorten with . Good thing with iPhone OS 3.0 and Cut-Copy and Paste
  2. The next button is for attaching photos to your tweet. you can either take a picture or choose one from the library. Depending on the service that you choose in settings ( twitpic or yfrog ) , TweetDeck for iPhone will upload the pic ,the service will compress it, and you will get the link to that pic.
  3. Share your current location: you can choose to “Update Profile Location” and it will automatically substitute your current location into your Twitter profile with something like iPhone: 45.775620,21.222519 ; or you can choose to “Add Map Link”. In the map link case, it will look up for your locations and it will automatically insert a link into your tweet shortened with . That link will take you to a google map showing your current location.


  • i dont think its possible right now to manage your FaceBook account as well with this version of TweetDeck for iPhone
  • i have no idea how to sync TweetDeck from my iPhone with the one from my computer. But hey…. i have TweetDeck for iPhone for 5 minutes.