TV Anytime Unveils World’s First Legal DVD Ripper for Mobile Devices

TV Anytime, the DVR app for iPad, iPhone and Android devices that allows users to access their video from any location at any time, now includes features that allow users to legally rip DVDs and record any streaming video from the web. The recorded content can be downloaded via Wi-Fi or USB to mobile devices using TV Anytime’s apps for iPad, iPhone, Android Devices or to a PC.

“There are a lot of video apps that promise to bring your favorite content right to your mobile device. The problem is those apps rely on a cheap, ubiquitous network connection that doesn’t exist outside the home,” said Richard Heye, CEO of DDT Software, the creators of TV Anytime. “With the combination of TV Anytime’s vast catalog of streaming video and now the ability to go beyond the catalog and download any video from the web and rip your DVDs, we’re helping provide the anytime, anywhere experience that consumers and business users demand.”

The innovative frame-capture technology plays the video into a virtual window and captures it in the background, thereby intercepting the video signal after decryption by the player. Now for the first time, consumers have a legal way to download a fair use copy of their DVDs or indeed any streaming video onto their iPad, iPhone or Android Devices.

The software updates today build upon the current offerings from TV Anytime, which include free access to a catalog of the top 25 TV Shows and Netflix movies. For a small fee, users can upgrade to gain access to a catalog of thousands of TV episodes and movies.

TV Anytime 1.2 is available for $4.99 app store, and the Android Marketplace. Access to the full catalog of TV shows and movies is available for US$1.99/month and the new custom recording features are available for free to users who subscribe to the full catalog feature.


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