How To:Get Your Unlimited Data Plan Back With AT&T

How to get the unlimited data package with AT&T even if you never had it before. With a little work and an easy loop hole to slip thru.

So you made the mistake of thinking you’d save some money by lowering your iPhone data plan down to the 2 gig deal when you bought your new iPhone 4 . Or maybe you’re a new AT&T subscriber, and you want that unlimited plan that old AT&T customers were grandfathered into. Well I got an answer…this may or may not work for long, so don’t dilly dally around. Give it a try.

Its a pretty simple deal really, just a little loop hole that hasn’t been shut yet..and yet is the important word. You’ll need to borrow an iPhone 2g, and make a Sim adapter to swap your micro-sim into a full sized iPhone Sim tray. I just cut an old Sim with an exact-o knife and a little piece of scotch tape to hold it in place. How you decide to do this is up to you.

Place the SIM tray into the iPhone 2g. Activate it, as it will ask you to do. When activating select the Unlimited option (for $20). When activated, take the sim card out of the iPhone 2g and place it back into the iPhone. Done. You will get a Text after a little while informing you that your plan is now $30 for the 3G service…but you will still have the unlimited plan.

Hurry before its to late, and they close this loop hole up. Remember, your milage may vary on this.

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