TIME’s Person Of The Year: ‘The Protester’. Steve Jobs Receives Fond Farewell


TIME announced its Person of the Year this morning, as well as the cover of the magazine’s print edition. Even if most of us expected to see Steve Jobs on the cover, the 2011 honors go to “The Protester”.

In honor of the Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street and the Russian election rallies, TIME Magazine has named “The Protester” as their Person of the Year. With the idea of a movement and abstraction at the forefront, they have commissioned venerable street-artist/political rabble-rouser Shepard Fairey to create the image.

The illustration looks to depict what could be either a man or woman with a veiled face as to hide one’s identity or block out of the effects of the now infamous tear gas used around the world. The stage has definitely been set for an influx of change in the new year.

However, Steve Jobs wasn’t totally forgotten by TIME. John Lasseter reflects on Jobs’ life in a fond farewell tribute that you can read here