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TiltShift Generator Makes Touching Up Your iPhone Photos a Snap

Everybody knows that the iPhone camera sucks donkey balls. Of course there are a lot of apps out there, that will make your iPhone photos to look better (or not) but, to be honest , some pre-defined algorithms for the photos on the iPhone are pretty much worthless. Yes i know, we got photoshop or gimp or lightroom… but not everybody knows how to work those tools and some of them are toooo damn expensive.Well, how about a free , online application that makes touching up your photos a snap? Yep, there is one: TiltShift Generator

The site has been getting notoriety on the blogosphere for its ease of use and great looking results.  All settings are on a slider bar, and that’s all there is to it.  You upload a picture file (not necessarily from a cellphone; it could be any picture), and change the color saturation, blurring, and vignetting settings to get the look you want.  You can even change the .jpeg quality if you like, and then save a new modified file.

What’s cool about TiltShift Generator is that if you really like the tool for quick touch ups on your picture files, you can download the local application.  It runs on Adobe Air, a newer runtime environment that is both lightweight and good with graphical applications, so you’ll have to install that first if you haven’t already.

Takayuki Fukatsu has whipped up a nifty litte application here and should be proud.  Fukatsu also gives visitors a slew of examples of how he used the application to make his iPhone pictures look like professional photography.  Even if you don’t have an iPhone, though, you can get some good use out of TiltShift Generator.  Go give it a try, and show us what you came up with.