This Case Adds A Second Screen To Your iPhone, Runs Android and More…

Remember the e-ink cases available a few years ago for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6? You know, the ones that added a second screen to your iPhone? No? Nobody does, and for a good reason.

Well here’s another one: Eye.

This case comes for both a 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhones and it suppose to enhance your experience in more than one way.

It features a 5-inch Full HD display with always-on functionality, 2,800 mAh battery that charges the iPhone, wireless charging support, up to 256GB of extra iPhone storage via microSD, two additional SIM slots, NFC support, an infrared sensor, and… drum roll please.. a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Oh yeah, and it runs Android.

What’s with this case? I don’t know…. but it’s up on Kickstarter and ( I just can’t believe ) it’s already fully funded with 32 days to go.

It costs $95 for early birds and it can go $180 if you want cellular connectivity and laser tag game bullshit capability.

Look, most of the things you’d want from this case will probably come with the iPhone 8 and you know you can’t wait to spend your rent on the next iPhone.

And if you really want a second screen on your iPhone, that runs Android, just get a Moto G4 or something like that, and tape it to your iPhone.