Thermodo: The Tiny Thermometer for Mobile Devices [video]


Weather apps are cool, but they really don’t tell you what the immediate temperature is where you are. Because of this, while they are useful for planning your day, immediate needs have been left without resolution. How cold is it in this room? Is my AC working properly? It certainly doesn’t FEEL like 80 degrees… or am I crazy? All these questions. No answers. Until now.

The development team over at Robocat (I know right?! Cool name!) have come up with something really cool that I think you will like. Its called Thermodo, and it’s a tiny thermo sensor for your phone! You simply plug the little fella into your phones headphone jack and bam, instant temperature reading! Pretty cool right? Head on over to kickstarter and throw them some money before their funding run ends (3 days as of this posting).

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