How To Theme Your iOS 7 Battery Icon Without WinterBoard

alkaline-theme-battery-icon-iOS7-FSMdotCOMIn a previous post, we showed you how to enable numeric signal strength on your iOS 7 device. Today, we’re going to show you how to theme your iOS 7 battery icon without using Winterboard as seen in the screenshots above ( enable battery percentage in Settings>General>Usage ) thanks to a new Cydia tweak called Alkaline.

Once installed, the tweak will add its own preference panel in which you can use to theme your battery icon. By default you can choose between an icon called ‘Bolus’ ( see it in the top rows of the screenshot above ) or ‘Habesha’ ( see it in the bottom rows of the screenshot above ) or you can simply design your own, although I’m pretty sure Cydia will be populated with different battery icons for Alkaline in the future.

To theme your battery icon, simply select the battery icon that you like, and then respring your device. Alkaline also offers a respring button via it’s dedicated preference pane, so it makes the entire process as easy as possible.

Alkaline is available for free in Cydia via ModMyi repo…