SyncMeApp: File Transfer and Synchronization Utility For iOS [video]

SyncMeApp is an intuitive file transfer and synchronization utility that gives users the power to move almost any file type they’d like from their Mac laptops and desktops onto their mobile iOS devices, and back again quickly. This is the perfect tool for UI developers in need of a fast solution to visualize app mock-ups while working, for on-the-go business professionals who need their docs to be as mobile as they are, as well as anyone that needs to get files portable and work on them from anywhere quickly. SyncMeApp works as a  file synchronization solution as well. When users edit docs on their computer  the doc’s synced iOS counterpart is automatically updated in seconds to reflect all changes!

In addition to providing users with power to move files freely between computers and mobile devices, SyncMeApp functions as an automatic file synchronization solution as well as. When synced docs are edited on the computer they’re automatically updated on the user’s iOS device upon saving. This app is simple in structure and easy to use, yet it has endlessly flexible applications in everyday life.

Once users have downloaded SyncMeApp onto their iOS device and installed the free companion Mac OS X app onto their personal computers they can move files by dragging them from their computer’s Finder menu to the app’s menu bar icon. It’s that simple. In a moment’s time selected files will appear on their iOS devices, ready to open and use. It’s an eloquent file mobility solution for everyone from casual users to iOS developers starved for an easy mock-up utility to envision apps-in-progress.

SyncMeApp is fully featured to say the least. Recognizing that file transfer solutions are only as useful as the functionalities they offer, the app ensures that user’s files retain their original formats after transfer. Video files stay crisp and text documents stay readable. In short, everything always stays as you want it to. All you need is a WiFi connection, just pick the files you want to move and SyncMeApp will take care of the leg work.

The iPhone/iPad app is available for $0.99 in the app store ( limited time offer ) . Download the Mac client here