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Switched-On Ringtones: Vintage Electronic Ringtones For iPhone And MP3 Phones

Ever since a mobile phone could connect to an external device , people felt the need to change their default ringtone sound. And who can blame them, usually the built-in ringtones suck. Of course the iPhone is no different. Especially the iPhone, which rapidly became the a tech pop icon.

Unfortunately  people always want to have the “hit of the moment” as their ringtone. Unfortunately, because a song will never ever sound good coming out of a mobile phone. I prefer my iPhone to ring like an actual phone not like the UK Top 40 and i use Chuck‘s ringtone. ( download here: .m4r or mp3 ) . It sounds good, it is loud, it is perfect.

If you feel the same way than, maybe you’ll be interested in Switched-On ringtones. They offer electronic tones designed on vintage analog Moog, ARP, Roland, and Korg synthesizers and fine-tuned to sound pristinely cool on your iPhone or MP3 phone. A portion of all proceeds will go to the Robert Moog Memorial Foundation.