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Supercharge YouTube iOS App With This Free Tweak

If you want to add some useful features to the YouTube iOS app, for free, you should check out a new tweak called YouTube Pro. 

The tweak won’t allow you to download videos ( like other paid YouTube tweaks, such as YourTube and ProTube ), but it comes with its own preference pane in the from where you can:

  • Enabling the white iOS 7 keyboard in the application all the time
  • Disabling the voice search button to prevent accidental taps
  • Opening Web links in Mobile Safari instead of Google Chrome
  • Keeping any playing music from pausing when you open the YouTube application
  • Changing the video playback quality while on a cellular network
  • Blocking YouTube ads

After making changes to the preference pane, you should close YouTube ( if open ) and re-open it to make sure your changes take effect.

YouTube Pro is available for free in Cydia via BigBoss repo…