Steve Jobs Biography In 3,000 Words

Walter Isaacson’s biography of Apple Inc co-founder Steve Jobs leapt to the top of bestseller lists in its first week in book stores, flying off shelves to the tune of 379,000 copies.

The only problem with this book is that it has 630 pages. If you haven’t been able to bring yourself to read book, Malcom Gladwell has captured the essence of the book — and the man — in his 3,000-word review in the current New Yorker.

Gladwell’s thesis is that Jobs, at heart, was an information-age version of those 18th and early 19th century engineers who put Britain in the forefront of the industrial revolution by creating and perfecting the automatic mule for spinning cotton. Such men, according to a recent article by economists Ralf Meisenzahl and Joel Mokyr, provided the “micro inventions necessary to make macro inventions highly productive and remunerative.”

Buy the book here. Buy the iOS version of the biography here. Or get it for free in audiobook format here.