Star Trek Lcars HD Theme

About 3 years ago, we reported on the Star Trek Lcars theme for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Today we’ve got an email from the developer saying that the theme has been updated to an ‘HD status’ and it’s now ready for retina display. The Star Trek Lcars HD theme was already submitted to Cydia and it should be available later today or tomorrow.

Jump over the break to check out how to install this theme…

1. Make sure you have Winterboard and FolderEnhancer installed

2. Place the icons in the order you want to be displayed

3. For best results put all your other icons in folders on the 3rd page

4. Open Cydia, search for  “Star Trek LCARS HD” by lyndwode and install it

5. Open Winterboard, you should have 2 new “Themes”

  • LCARS HD Theme

Activate them both, also activate the “Invisible Dock” theme (comes with Winterboard) as well.

NOTE: make sure LCARS HD WO it’s placed above the LCARS HD Theme in Winterboard.

6. If you have FolderEnhancer:

  • Turn on “Use Image File”
  • Turn off “Enable Border”

And you will have this when you open a folder: