Stamped: Put Your Stamp of Approval On The World [video]

The idea behind Stamped, is that you put your stamp of approval on, well, just about anything — books, restaurants, music, games, movies, and more — and share your stamps with your friends, who likewise share their stamps with you. The nice part about the whole thing is that there are no 1-5 star reviews or anything like that. You simply stamp something you totally love (so they’re all basically 5-star recommendations), and you’re initially limited to 100 stamps.


  1. Create a profile and customize your own unique stamp.
  2. Stamp the things you want your friends to know about, like an amazing burrito place or a great book.
  3. Follow your friends and trusted sources to discover great recommendations.


  • Photos – Add your own photo to any stamp
  • To-Do List – Organize all the stamps you want to try on a To-Do list
  • Map View – View all of your friends’ stamps on a map to check out what’s nearby
  • Opentable, Amazon, Fandango and iTunes integration – You can make reservations, buy books, get movie tickets, and download songs, all through the app
  • Twitter/FB sharing – Post your stamps to Twitter and Facebook
  • Search – Easily search stamps by keyword, person or location

Stamped is available for free in the app store