SpringPrefs: iOS5 Tweak Brings a Fast and Detailed Overview of Your iOS Device

Back in June, we told you about SpringPrefs, an iOS5 tweak that brings the ability to get a fast and detailed overview of your iOS device right to notification centre/bulletin board in iOS 5. Simply by swiping to changing pages toggles and other information can be revealed.

Here’s some new details about the tweak…

SpringPrefs artwork was designed by  swarren08  and integrates well with iOS’s default style and several themes. Toggles or “Add ons” are also supported using the Mac OS X standard NSBundle, this allows developers to create feature rich interactive bundles like never before. Developers interested in a pre-release build should contact GreySyntax.

Work on this tweak was carried out by GreySyntax and westbaer, SpringPrefs will be released as open source software (license will be chosen at a later date) available via git).