Spotify Releases The ‘Play Button’. Lets Users Share Songs Beyond Facebook

Spotify has released today the ‘Play Button’ – a customizable widget that can stream song(s), an entire album or playlist and be embedded anywhere on the web.

So everyone from the Huffington Post to Rolling Stone to your average Tumblr user — Tumblr is incorporating the feature right into its main dashboard, and you can see a sample of a Tumblr page at the bottom of this post — can incorporate free tunes onto their sites. And Spotify gets a whole new set of promotional partners.

In theory, that’s an unlimited set of partners, since Spotify will let anyone who knows how to embed HTML add the widgets, by heading to this page. So if this works correctly, you should see something very special right here:


The main drawback of the Play Button is that, the stream is only limited to registered Spotify users while smaller services like Mixcloud or Soundcloudwho have had embedding capabilities for some time now, lets everybody listen to the embedded songs or EPs.