Spotify Announces Free Streaming On Mobile Devices. Led Zeppelin Catalog Finally Available! [video]


Spotify introduced today their new free listening tiers for mobile customers. Previously, Spotify was free ( ad-supported ) just for desktop users, requiring a $9.99 monthly subscription to access their music database on mobile devices.

The new listening tiers come with separate options for both iPhone and iPad ( Android smartphones/tablets ):

  • On iPhone: the service is acts just like iTunes Radio or Pandora, being built around shuffling. Users can search for a specific song or artist, but they will be required to shuffle through an artist’s catalog to access the music. Pre-compiled playlists can also be accessed.
  • On iPad: the service acts just like the current free desktop version, allowing users to search specific tracks, build playlists and listen to content for free ( ad-supported )

You might ask yourself why the difference between the iPhone version of Spotify and the iPad version of the service? Well, Spotify has decided to treat the iPad ( or Android tablets ) as a PC. But users who pay the $9.99/month subscription will have the options to save their pre-compiled playlists for offline access – an option that is not available on the free version of the service.

Along the new free listening plan, the company has also announced that Led Zeppelin ( finally ) arrived on Spotify.

We’re releasing two albums per day this week, starting today withLed Zeppelin and its almighty follow up, Led Zeppelin II. By Sunday, December 15,  the full Led Zeppelin album catalog will be available to play as often as you like. Follow Led Zeppelin on Spotify now and we’ll let you know as soon as the next albums drop.

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