Space Timeders: Awesome Space Invaders Game/Clock App For iOS [video]

Here’s a nice little find: Space Timeders is an awesome retro shooting style game and clock application. Every minute a different level with plenty of enemies, bullets, and awesome particle explosions.

Space Timeders features:

  • ‘Clock mode’ is basically auto-pilot for the app. It displays the time and it auto-plays the game
  • ‘Game mode’ also displays the time, but in this mode you’re the controller. To activate the ‘Game mode’, tap on the clock icon in the upper left corner ( and vice-versa ).

There’s only one downside to this app: It’s a free app so it has ads. You can remove the ads via a $0.99 in-app purchase or… you can just turn off your internet connection. ( ALSO READ 3G Tail: Free Apps Drain The Battery Faster )

Space Timeders is available as an universal app ( iPhone and iPad ) in the app store