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The South By Southwest Tech Survival Kit: Stay Charged + Stay Connected @SXSW ( or wherever you go )


With Apple announcing that it is bringing its iTunes Festival to the US for the first time to SXSW 2014, you might be even more inclined to take a trip to Austin this year. When on the road, staying connected and charged it’s one of the most essential things. Here’s where The SXSW Tech Survival Kit comes in. It includes the Karma 4G hotspot and the Portable Power Bank.

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The Karma 4G Hotspot: The More WiFi You Share, The More FREE Data You Earn


The Karma Hotspot – Put WiFi in your pocket and stay connected with a lightning-fast 4G connection, anywhere you go.Plus Earn FREE data every time you share your connection with others, talk about a good way to make friends (or non-awkwardly start a conversation with a potential client) at SXSW®.

We all know internet reception at hotels can be spotty at best (especially at conferences), so throw this in your bag and have the ability to connect up to 8 WiFi-enabled devices at one time – and earn megabytes on megabytes of FREE data – if it has WiFi, it can use Karma.


The Portable Power Bank: Charge Your Smartphone or Tablet Anywhere, Anytime


All those internet-connected devices are useless if the batteries are dead, so make sure you stay charged with this Portable Power Bank. Perfect for juicing up smartphones and tablets on the go, this thing is made for the conference life. Whether you’ve got a long flight or a long day of hitting the conference floor, having this portable battery pack means you won’t have to worry about how much charge you have left!

The SXSW Tech Survival Kit is available for $99 ( retail price $159 – 37% off ) here