Social Intervation: My iPhone Is Off For You

It’s a one-way communication.Too much one-sided information, a silent violence, a violent silence. It’s time for a social intervention: ‘My (i)Phone Is Off For You’. The idea is simple: turn off phones during dinner. But it’s so hard! My Phone Is Off For You provides tools to help you start the conversation.

I just stumbled upon this site, and it immediately took me back in 2005, when my favorite band in the world ‘Looptroop Rockers’ (Sweden) released their 3rd album called ‘Fort Europa’. There’s one track on that album called ‘Unilateral Communication’ which can easily become the theme song for this project.

Maybe that’s why I decided to post about it, or maybe just because sometimes we forget to be, well… humans, and we need a reminder. Maybe there’s an app for that…

Check out the tune and some closeups of the project below. Also for more info on the project visit the official site….