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‘Slo-Mo Mod’ Enables iPhone 5s Slo-Mo Video Capture for Unsupported Devices [video]

slo-mo-mode-cydia-FSMdotCOMWith the iPhone 5s, Apple introduced 120 FPS video capture at 720p and now, a new Cydia tweak dubbed ‘Slo-Mo Mod’ enables slow motion video capturing to all the unsupported devices. Before getting too excited about this tweak, you should know that you can’t record at 120 FPS with older devices due to hardware limitations. But Slo-Mo Mod allows you to record at 60 FPS up from 30 FPS. Bottom line… yes, this tweak brings slo-mo video capturing to unsupported devices, but it won’t be anywhere near as smooth as it is on the iPhone 5s.


  • iPhone 4, 4s and iPad 2, 3 DO NOT support 60 fps Slo-mo at this time, due to hardware limitation. You must set the framerate lower or equal to 30 fps. I’m working on that in about to hack for that support.
  • Incorrectly setting of framerate (below 2 or too high) causes Slo-mo to not working or camera crashing.
  • You may face the camera freezing or lag issue, this is an unwanted problem, the temporary fix for now is to close the camera app completely and reopen it.

Slo-Mo Mode is available for free in Cydia via BigBoss repo…

Check out a demo of the tweak running on an iPhone 5: