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Skins: Free Music Player Replacement App For iPhone and iPad

Skins is an iPod app replacement that offers rich playback controls, easy playlist creation, skins and song lyrics. The app is designed around the idea that one size does not always fit all when it comes to the way people listen to music. With four different ways of controlling and inspecting playback state, it tries to cater for every occasion and situation. When you need to remind yourself of a particular segment of a track, use the scrubbing controls. When you want to sing along to a song, look up the lyrics and album cover art. When you’re hosting a party, leave your device in the speaker dock displaying current track information.

Essential features

  • Easy playlist creation
  • MP3 player controls
  • Skins
  • Album cover art & lyrics
  • All iTunes track info

Full iPhone integration

  • Lock screen current track display
  • Lock screen playback controls
  • Headset playback controls
  • Intelligent call handling

Skins is available for free in the app store