Screen Identity: A 7-foot iPhone Mirror Pokes Fun At The ‘Selfie’ Obsessed Culture


California-based designer Gabe Ferreira constructed a 7-foot iPhone mirror that pokes fun at our selfie obsessed culture.

A 7-foot wooden sculpture of a smartphone that comments on the current generation’s digital sense of self. Students, faculty and other passersby see their reflection “trapped” inside a mirrored screen as they approach the oversized device.

Jump over the break to check out the project in greater detail…

GabeFerreira_Screen-Identity_1 GabeFerreira_Screen-Identity_2 GabeFerreira_Screen-Identity_4 GabeFerreira_Screen-Identity_5 GabeFerreira_Screen-Identity_6 GabeFerreira_Screen-Identity_7 GabeFerreira_Screen-Identity_8 GabeFerreira_Screen-Identity_9 GabeFerreira_Screen-Identity_10

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