Saurik Sends a Clear Message: NO WAREZ

Just a minute ago , Jay Freeman aka Saurik ( dev Cydia ) tweeted his thoughts regarding Sleepers “whining” for being delisted in Cydia. Reason is simple: they were hosting cracked apps. Now i got your attention huh?

The sad thing is, that Sleepers are not the only one that are hosting cracked apps, one of the best and biggest repo for cracked apps ( as far as i know ) being XXX ( dont want to tell their name, because i know Saurik drops on FSM from time to time, and I hate rats, so i cant be one ). I would be really sad, to see the XXX repo being delisted, because i know what a fantastic community they are and how much they work.

But in the same time, app developers work hard as well, and like it or not, Cydia is and will be the on stop shop for our iPhone happiness. I know that some of you, that wont pay for an app even your life depends on it, are panicking. Dont worry my fellow leaches, cracked apps wont dissapear. There are various methods to share a cracked app. First one that comes in mind, is by sharing the cracked deb file.