Saab Phoenix: Android Equipped “Liquid Metal” [video]

The PhoneiX is a sporty, sexy thing, with butterfly doors and a rippling silver body that looks like T-1000 morphed himself into some sort of latter-day DeLorean. Inside, it’s got race car-inspired styling and a cutting-edge infotainment system powered by Android. All in all, the car is cool, sleek, and over-the-top — in other words, everything Saab isn’t.

The interior is designed to mimic what the press release calls “the stripped-out feel of a competition car.” So it has a 2+2 cabin and shell-like seats and a display pod in front of the driver, shaped like the afterburner of a jet engine. Angled at 45 degrees from the driver is the Saab IQon, a touchscreen, which taps Google Android’s operating system to create a full-blown infotainment center. IQon comes with the obvious features, like online navigation and music storage, but it can also be customized to show impossibly detailed data, from engine speed and torque to barometric pressure and the position of the sun.


[via fastcodesign]