Ryan McGinness Capsule Collection by Incase

In speaking of his collaboration with Incase, artist Ryan McGinness calls it, “über fanciness.” Available today, the Ryan McGinness Capsule Collection uses Incase products as a vessel for delivering the New York-based artist’s work, with a range that includes a 15” Protective Sleeve, Snap Case for iPhone 4S and a Shoulder Bag.

Created specifically for Incase, the original artwork featured is part of a larger body of work entitled Black Holes. The Black Holes series is inspired by “event horizons,” the celestial light show that accompanies the collapse of light and matter into a black hole.

Concentric patterns depict the theoretical physics of the universe while simultaneously creating mindscape portals to provoke a psychedelic response from the viewer.

The Ryan McGinness Capsule Collection is available now at Goincase.com, with items ranging from $39-$149 USD.