Rovio Releases ‘Bad Piggies’ For iPhone and iPad [video]

Today, Rovio has released a corrective, Bad Piggies, in which we may finally see things from the equally-valid point of view of those smug green bastards. This time around, you’ll play as the antagonistic porkers, but not by mercilessly flinging them at walls.

Instead, Bad Piggies takes a page from game maker Rovio’s other recent hit, Amazing Alex, by letting players build curious contraptions for the pigs as they set out to steal more of those delicious eggs. You’ll craft all sorts of shoddy vehicles, from rickety flying machines to creaky jalopies, and then steer your hunk of junk through winding courses as you try to “three-star” the levels.

While building vehicles might sound a lot more complicated than the simple flinging action in Angry Birds, an intuitive blueprint mode lets you drag and drop parts quickly and easily. Wil E. Coyote would be green with envy.

Bad Piggies is available in the app store for $0.99 ( iPhone – iTunes link ),  $2.99 ( iPad – iTunes link ) and $4.99 ( Mac – app store link )


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