[REVIEW] Scosche REALM RH1056M: The Music-Lovers Essential Kit

With more and more high-end audio companies entering the personal audio market, things have only become more difficult when choosing the right bit of kit to listen to our favorite music through.

The Scosche REALM RH1056M/RH1056MD headphones from Scosche are definitely something worth looking into if you consider yourself a bit of an audiophile.

These look fantastic and are very reminiscent of the oringinal Beats By Dre Studio line. They have a compact folding design as well as large, pivoting over-ear cups that block out most noise from the outside world, even without any music playing.

In the box the headphones are accompanied by a zippered thermoform case, soft travel pouch with cleaning cloth, two different flat and tangle-free audio cables (one carrying the ‘Made For iPod, iPhone, iPad’ moniker due to the tapLINE III remote/mic), a Gold plated 3.5mm to 3/4″ adapter for DJ equipment, and a PC adapter for gaming/volP.

The tapLINE III remote/mic system mentioned above is a real game changer when comparing these to the Beats By Dre Studio line. Most competitors, such as Monster, integrate the mic/remote into one unit. With Scosche’s offering the mic is situated on the left side, just below the the chin and allows for greater clarity during a call. The remote is further down the cable for much easier access.

All of that aside, let get down to the real matter at hand – what do they actually sound like? Incredible.

The 40mm drivers on either side deliver sound that is best described as bass- and midrange-forward. It feels as if the treble isn’t quite all there though and most users would never notice the difference, but the hints of extra pop and layering that real audiophiles would appreciate, aren’t quite there.

Despite this the Scosche REALM RH1056M/RH1056MD are a brilliant bit of kit and offer real value for money at $145-$229 (or £135-£200). These are comfortable, sonically wonderful, roundly out-perform offerings from Monster and are perfectly suited to DubStep, Hip Hop, Drum ‘n Bass and Dance.

FSM Rating: 9/10