[REVIEW] RokShield V3 For iPhone 5: My Perfect Case

I personally have become a little averse to using cases recently, due to my love of how sleek and beautiful the iPhone 5 is. However, I can still appreciate a good case when I see one. With that in mind, meet the RokShield V3 for iPhone 5 from RokForm…

Currently only available for preorder for $49 through RokForm directly, this protective case is more sleek than usual offerings from other companies yet still retains the tight hug and very safe nature that a case should be focused upon.

Aesthetically it has the more rugged appeal. The removable silicon edge can be swapped out for multiple colours, providing a little personalisation.

After performing drop tests from my head-height (6’1″) onto a concrete pathway, I found the case completely undamaged and the iPhone 5 was still in perfect condition. This is due to the polycarbonate shell, wrapped in a shock-absorbent silicon bumper.

The V3 has a removable magnet integrated. This has a multitude of uses as Rokform also offer many attachments, such as a magnetic tripod mount adapter. This means you can simply pull the phone away from the mount in order to answer a call or SMS, without having to unscrew anything.

Also included are a screen protector, micro-fibre cloth, applicator, an alcohol wipe, and a twist-clip circular mount which has a 3M sticky pad to provide a quick mount for most surfaces.

All in all I found this to be a fantastic case and I immediately felt like this was something I now needed. All buttons and switches are protected – including the home button, it provides many functional uses beyond that of a standard case and, for me at least, my search for the perfect all-rounder is now over.

FSM Rating: 9.5/10