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Review: iFireLight, Is It a Flashlight? A Media Player? You Decide!

While you are searching threw the app store for your next app, you will see quite a few alternative media players, quite a few flashlight apps, and hell quite a few of everything. One thing that you won’t see to many of though is a flashlight app that plays music… or a music app that also acts as a flashlight…

Let me introduce you to iFireLight. This app hit the scene a while ago, but I honestly don’t think its gotten the publicity it deserves. There are ALOT of apps in the store that do this or that, but this one does it all.

Picture this if you will. Your at home chilling with the girlfriend (or boyfriend, sheep, mutant panda… whatever your into). The two of you are curled up on the couch listening to some cool tunes when you get the urge for a beer. The only problem is you don’t have a flashlight. You look to your iPhone… crap no flashlight app! Wait a min, that app your listening to that cool playlist on… its a flashlight as well! Your night, and your beer is saved! Later yall are heading to the bed, and just need some ambient noise to remind you of your country roots and lul you to sleep… if only you were not trapped in this low rent apartment… if only you could have a roaring fire to warm your cold feet and the sweet crackle to lul you and your love to sleep. You look too your trusty app and notice a little fireplace icon. Instantly you are greeted with the warm glow of the fire, and the crackle of the burning the wood. (Your still cold… well I suggest you use that flashlight to walk over and turn on your space heater).

Back to reality.

At first, when I started playing with this app, I was honestly confused. It was almost as if the dev was looking to make an app, and couldn’t decide what he wanted. As it turns out, he made a pretty cool chill/date app. Everything you need all in one place. But to call this a “jack-of-all-trades” type of app, wouldn’t be accurate. Particularly because it is the master of everything it attempts to accomplish. This app can be broken down into three major parts.

1. A flashlight app. As flashlight apps go, this one is one of the better ones. If you are a 3gs or older user, you are greeted with the standard backlight flashlight. In addition you can change the colors of the light to fit your pleasure. iPhone 4 users have the additional option to toggle the LED on for use.

2. A Music app. This app is playlist centric. It allows you to easily add your desired tracks to a playlist and then play them in your specified order. Great for those date nights what your trying to set the mood, or at the gym when you are looking for a good power mix.

3. The fireplace. Not sure what category this would go into, but its cool. The app presents you with a very nice and realistic looking burning log fire for your enjoyment. You can even use the video out and throw it up on your tv to create a sudo fireplace! The crackle of the fire is realistic and loops seamlessly. The only downfall is as pretty as it is, it doesn’t actually heat your room… so don’t forget to tend to that.

When used in concert, these features make for great fun. That said, I have enjoyed this app very much. Its simple, fun, and the seemingly random features mesh well creating a cool experience. I highly recommend you give it a try.

Its available on the App store now for .99 and is universal! Go grab it!