Review: DoodleDriver

Here we come again with yet another app review. Today I would like to present “DoodleDriver” for your consideration. The app, brand new to the store, claims to be an engrossing, addictive experience. While this is not that hard to attain with a game such as this, these devs have gone out of their way to make an unique and fun experice. Not only to set their game apart from the rest, but to keep you coming back for more. How did they do? If I told you now, you would just leave. Read on and see.

The app itself isn’t all that unique game play wise. Basically, you have a car, drive it through a path, and try not to hit the wall. The path gets narrower as you go to increase difficulty. This in and of itself is what makes it infuriatingly addicting if you are a completionist mental case like me. The levels as you get further in, get damn near impossible and admittedly prompted numerous fits of rage.

Sounds like a pretty solid game right? Well aside from my completionist OCD, I also have an eye for detail that tends to ruin things that would otherwise be fun. For example, on the main menus screen there is this #2 pencil. What it’s for, I’m not certain. It just sits their and you can roll it to varius places on screen with your finger. Kinda silly to put all that work into making a movable object like that and then have it do nothing…

But that’s just a little annoyance really, my biggest beef are the drawings and stickers that appear in the background while playing the game. For starters, they pop up in very bad places, sometimes obscuring the lines you are trying to avoid. This can be very problematic in the later lvls. The other more glaring thing though are the stickers that appear threw out game play. Up until that point, everything in the games design elements screams 1955 era. Crackly screen, the god awful musical loops (pleasant at first, but after an hour I would have killed myself if not for the silence switch), the artwork… Everything 1955. All black and grey, all drawn or “doodled”. Then all the sudden in game you are greeted with highly colored slogans from the late 60’s such as groovy, far out, and hang loose. These elements are almost enough to kill the rest of the game for me, that would otherwise be a pretty fun little game.

So with that in mind I rate it 3 out of 5 stars. Is it worth your .99 cents? Sure. It’s a fun little time killer. I truly enjoyed it. That said, unless the devs mix up the sound track a little between stages, and get rid of those god awful hippy stickers, I don’t see myself playing this app again. They are just too distracting.

Check out their promotional vid below, and if your interested in .99 cents worth of driving fun, hit them up in the app store today.