Review: DODO BookBack


We all love our iDevices. This is an unquestionable truth. What is equally unquestionable is that although they are light, sleek, and sexy… they are typically quite slick to the touch. This can be problematic as they like to jump from our grasp…sometimes with catastrophic consequences.

What are we to do?

For some, they turn to one of thousands of cases available around the web. Some add quite a bit of bulk for drop protection, some are just purely for grip… but pretty much all of them distort the beauty of the device they encase. This to me is unacceptable. I just love the feel of a naked iPhone. I recognize however that these devices are very slick, and in current iterations, can be somewhat uncomfortable to hold just for fear of dropping it.

Enter the BookBack

You all might remember DODO Cases other offering, like their “Dodo case,” which encases your device in what looks, and feels like a professionally bound book. But what you may have missed however, are these sweet little minimalist coverings called BookBacks.

Basically, it’s a sticky, piece of book binding leather that they have cut to fit the back of your device in just the right way. When installed on your device, not only does it provide you that, “Lay on the table” protection, but it gives the device an amazingly grippy and posh feel. All without destroying the “iPhone” look that Sir Johnny Ive worked so hard to design. If for some reason you decide you want to pull it off, no worries! It comes right of with no residue left behind. Just a clean, pristine, and scratch free idevice. It can even be reused as long as you either kept the backing or have somewhere to store it.

I cant honestly say anything negative about it. I have been using one on my iPad, and iPhone, for about a month now, and its been fantastic. Ive personally been using one on my iPad, and iPhone for about a month now and its been great… It’s a rock solid product, and for the price (9.95 for iPhone, 19.95 for iPad mini, 24.95 for iPad), you really cant go wrong. Check them out here!