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App Review: Defense Craft – Zombie Invasion

Hey everybody, I have a special surprise for you today… are you ready? Its ANOTHER zombie attack castle defender game! When it comes to castle defense, especially zombie castle defense, the landscape is absolutely riddled with boring, poorly thought out, dribble. To be honest, in this reviewers opinion,  the only realy well done cdz app in the store at this point would be PvZ.

Here we are presented with yet another contender… Defense Craft: Zombie Invasion. How will it measure up? Lets check it out.

The app is set in a very cartoonish/anime type world. From what I have been able to gather, there is this little redheaded girl who is WAY to into whatever she is doing on her computer. Your mission is simple, save this oblivious young lady’s brain from becoming lunch too one of the many various undead nasties that would like nothing better then to chow down on some succulent cerebrum. Seems easy enough? Be warned, these zombies are REALLY hungry, come in droves, and have the determination of an apple fanboy on a product launch day.

So how does it stack up? I have a grading rubric that I use to rate games, one of the criteria being how long I can stand to play it. You would be surprised just how many apps I am asked to review that get deleted in disgust within 10-15 min of installing them. Generally because the games soundtrack was terrible or the game play was beyond sub par.   This is not one of those games. As a mater of fact, as I write this I am anxious to get back to it. Its that well done. The artwork is top notch, the game play is spot on and to be perfectly honest I’m having trouble finding too much negative to say. Not to say that  the app is perfect, far from it. But the few issues that I found are really nothing that important.

My only real compliant/feature request would be for the developer to make it easier to understand what each “creation” is actually useful for. Perhaps a simple description bubble when you unlock a new item, or in the upgrade screen. For that matter the new zombies, that get added to the mix… what makes them special? It becomes very obvious what they are in actual game play, but at  that point its to late to change it out if its not what you were looking for. Just something to think about. Also, although I didn’t experience any issues with my devices (iPad2 and iPhone4) after reading the reviews in store, it would appear some with legacy equipment are having crashing issues. Just an FYI in case your still rocking that 3G.

In closing, in case you didn’t grasp it already… this app rocks and deserves to be at the top of the charts. It certainly holds a special place in the category next to PvZ. Check it out in the app store for iPhone (usually .99, but FREE till the 9/5) and iPad (1.99)