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Review: CECT i9 iPhone Clone

There’s a lot of iPhone clones on the market,and mostly all of them are made in Asia (go figure). Let’s check a review of the CECT i9 iPhone clone because,It’s finally here.

The updated version of the SciPhone i68 and it’s absolutely fabulous. You can check out all of the information I’ve gathered here for the specifics, but the new i9 is really fully loaded with Java 2.0, MSN, PowerPoint, Excel) third party software, dual sim active on most, (this is a pretty notable feature – as both sims can be online at one time without having to switch) the capacity to support up to 8GB (although you more commonly see 2-4GB) of memory and shake and tilt control (as well as menu flo touch, which is pretty great, too.)

This is also the thinnest, sleekest, lightest, and fastest iPhone clone to date, with the ability to grow with you.  Pricing on the i9 is much less than I expected, starting out of the gate it was around $150 -$189 range usually (unless it was 8GB, then it could be slightly more). However, it’s come way down.  You can now sometimes get one under $100.

I recommend `Ebay because it’s likely the cheapest place you’ll get it and the feedback system keeps sellers honest. With Craig’s list of other overseas retailers, you never know what you are getting and you really have no recourse if you aren’t happy. You can conduct a real time Ebay search for pricing and availability by clicking here. If you’re not a member of Ebay, you can sign up here for free. Also, there is one seller who sells this phone is finishes like PINK and rainbow.You can search that seller’s current Ebay auctions by clicking here. (If you don’t see what you are looking for type “pink i9″ (or whatever color you are looking for) into the search box.


  • SUPPORT GSM 850 900 1800 1900MHz
  • JAVA 2.0 ,Compatible with the third party software
  • Shake Control Capacity, Internet, Email, MP3,Video Player & Recorder , Calendar, Calculator
  • GPRS/MMS / WAP 2.0/
  • Network: Support GSM 850/900/1800/1900WHz
  • Java2.0 supported, compatible with the third party software: MSN, Office, PDF and multi-games;
  • 3.2 inch ultra-definition flat touch screen;
  • Shake control capacity: swing to change music, pictures, interface menu. Menu flow in and out on the screen;
  • Slide to unlock;
  • MP3/MP4 player, bulti-in Hi-Fi stereo speaker, Support MP3 MP4 3GP;
  • FM radio;
  • Bluetooth 2.0;
  • Dual sim active: Dual sim Can Be Online At The Same Time;
  • Multi-language supported: English ,French ,Spanish ,Portuguese ,Turkic ,Pycck ,Chinese ,Arabic…….
  • 2 Megapixels auto-focus camera, DV, radio recorder;
  • Supports MMS/GPRS/WAP2.0;
  • Automatically adjust the status of pictures or videos when you play them;
  • E-book,64 phonix ring tone;
  • Free 2GB T-Flash card;
  • Dimension( Length x Width x Thickness):110mmx60mmx11.5mm
  • Weight: 95g; Very Light And Small
  • Duration of Standby Time: Up to 200-420hr (depend on the local network status)
  • Duration of Call Time: Up to 200-380mins(depend on the local network status)
  • USB 2.0 High Speed Transfer;
  • Calendar ,To Do List ,Alarm ,World Clock ,Calculator ,Unit Converter ,Currency Converter ,Health