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Resupported4: iPhone Video Out With Unsupported Cords

New day, new app in Cydia: Resupported4. Did you know your iPhone/iPod Touch can play videos on your TV, but Apple wants you to pay $50 to get a cable that lets you do such? Of course you do, but maybe you didn’t know you don’t need to do so. There are plenty of accessories on the market that allow you to play video out with iOS devices, but when plugged in, the device displays ‘This accessory is unsupported by iPhone’ message and refuse to play video out.

Resupported4 is a safe and cheap alternative to paying the Apple tax. It enables video out through many unsupported AV cables and devices, and it does not modify system files! It also adds video playback support to many 3rd party apps, such as Hulu+, IMDB, VEVO etc.


  • Cable detection only works if audio is normally able to go out your dock cable
  • Ressuported4 will not (by itself) mirror your applications on a TV. You will need DisplayOut to show your device’s screen on a TV
  • Accessory warning messages may disappear
  • Resupported4 will NOT enable charging with cords that do not already charge your device. That is a hardware, not a software limitation

You can buy Ressuported4 from Cydia for $4.99. (10-day full trial available!)