RedLaser: Barcode Reader for iPhone

New day, new app in Cydia: RedLaser. RedLaser is currently in beta, and allows you to read the bar code and to consult a database to receive all the information about the product you want. The operation is similar to thae readers you’ll  find in supermarkets or any stores.

RedLaser is extremely easy to use. To make a scan of a bar code, just tap on the icon in form of lightning in the center of the bottom bar and focus the camera on  the bar code . The rectangle will be white , but once a bar code is recognized , it will change to green and you can  take a picture of it to send it to the database.

You can find products in their database or you can search online through Amazon or Google. The last option is to manually enter the digits of a code, and finally you can send a list of products via email.

I tested this with a book bought from ( Seth Godin – Tribes ) , and it didnt find it in their database. What is really weird is that the results from Amazon, were screwed up as well. I got a few books that might match my scan, but none of them was Tribes.

Than i tried the barcode from my MacBook Pro case, nothing. It didnt even recognize my white on black bar code from my iPhone case. So basically had no luck with this app. All you can do is try it, because it is free, and see if you have any luck.