Rechner Calculator: Gesture Based Calculator for iOS [video]

The uber-sleek design is what draws users in, but it’s by no means the best trick up this app’s code. While most calculator app makers focused on translating the button-bopping experience to the touch screen, Rechner embraces swipes and gestures to speed up calculation times by up to 200% — given you’ve mastered what flick does what.

For instance, users can swipe from left to right to add, or reverse the move to subtract. The truly advanced stuff like dividing and multiplying, unfortunately, is less intuitive and can only be accessed via a drawer in the app.

Gripes aside, it’s still a slick piece of nerd swag and well worth the dollar if you still prefer to do the math yourself, rather than your begging like a toddler for that cold-hearted Siri to calculate the tip for you.

Rechner Calculator is available for $0.99 in the app store