Reader 2 Updated With Themes, Landscape Support For Photos and Videos And More…


Reader 2, a popular RSS client for iOS, was updated today to v2.1 with a huge number of features, fixes and improvements. The new updated adds themes, landscape support for videos and photos, pinch gesture and much more. Jump over the break to check out a full changelog for Reader 2.1…

What’s new:
– Themes (can be changed in the article viewer → “aA” button)
– iPhone: Landscape support for images and videos
– Article list: group by feeds or by date
– Add to Safari Reading List
– Pinch gesture for Readability in the article viewer
– OPML import (Reeder can now open .opml files), for local/standalone RSS only
– Setting to disable pull-to-next/previous in the article viewer (see Settings→General)
– Enable/disable sharing services in the top settings list
– Sharing: Messages can be disabled now
– Feedbin, Feedly, Fever, RSS: Sort subscriptions alphabetically, folders first or feeds first (per account setting)

– Article Viewer: Improved right edge swipe detection for the services panel
– Mark all as read: Immediately remove the subscription list entry (no delay)
– Faster and less bouncy “Mark all as read” sheet
– Improved article layout
– Hide the status bar for the fullscreen image viewer (iOS 7)
– Removing of read articles when syncing or going back to the subscription list
– Also dim selected, read articles
– Feed Wrangler: List smart streams first, then feeds

– Truncated / wrongly sized input fields in the Settings (default recipients in the mail settings)
– Disabled scrolling in the article viewer
– Only apply the option to sort by oldest first to the unread article list
– Truncated description text in the Settings
– Crash when selecting a row in a list
– Missing images for cached articles
– Swipe to go back in the settings (iPhone)
– Service panel issues when tap-and-holding on a link
– Infinite caching of the same articles
– Fever: Filter out “#comment hash”
– Fever: Improved handling of self signed certificates (https)
– Empty article list
– An issue where it wasn’t possible to sign out of a sharing service under certain circumstances

Reader 2 is available as an universal app ( iPhone and iPad ) for $4.99 on the App Store


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