Rap Genius Releases iPhone App for Song Lyric Discovery and Lyrical Breakdown [video]

rapgeniusRap Genius launched its own Genius iOS app that allows users to access annotated lyrics for millions of songs. The app also includes lyrical breakdown and explanations, diving into the meaning behind lyrics. Annotations found within the Genius app are designed to explain cryptic lines, reveal references and inside jokes, define unusual terms, and give context.

Have you ever been confused by a song’s lyrics? Or wondered what your favorite artist meant by a line? Now you’ll never have to worry about this (or anything) ever again! Genius breaks down lyrics with line-by-line annotations, many contributed by the artists themselves.

Similar to Shazam, the app also comes with “Genius Recognition Technology” allowing you to identify songs that are playing nearby and provide lyrics for whatever is playing.

Genius is available for free on the App Store