QuickStore 2 Allows You To Open App Store Links Without Leaving The App You’re In [video]

QuickStore-2-cydia-FSMdotCOMWhen tapping on an App Store link while in Safari ( or other 3rd party apps ), iOS  takes you out of Safari and opens up the AppStore.app. That’s cool if you want to buy/download the app but most of the times it’s a pain because if you want to get back to Safari you have to trigger the multitasking switcher, find Safari and tap on it. QuickStore 2 aims to end this process by opening App Store links without leaving the app you are currently using.

Once installed, every time you will tap on an App Store link, the tweak will open the App Store inside the app you’re currently using via a pop-up window. QuickStore 2 works straight out of the box, but it also comes with its own preference pane in the Settings.app where you can:

  • enable/disable the tweak
  • disable the tweak in individual stock apps or 3rd party apps
  • download purchased apps from spotlight

To better understand this tweak check out the video below ( even though it’s in French ). If you think QuickStore 2 is something you need, the tweak is available for $99 on Cydia Store via BigBoss repo…