Quasar: A Window Manager for iPad [video]

New day, new tweak in Cydia.  Quasar is (the very first) window manager for iPad! Now you can run apps in windows, on your iPad! Simply open any application and it will be opened in a window, just like in your computer.

Quasar is integrated to iOS’s default app switcher (double pressing home button). Killing an application in app switcher (or holding the close button) kills its window and the application itself, but if you only click the close button, the window is closed but the application keeps running in background (in the app switcher).

It is integrated too with notification center and with Safari/App Store/YouTube/links that opens other apps. iPhone applications are optimized to run in the right resolution in Quasar.

NOTE: Configure options from Settings app

Quasar is available for $9.99 in Cydia Store via BigBoss repo…