Ptch: DreamWorks Creates New Social Photo and Video App

A team spun off from the studio behind “Shrek” and “Madagascar” wants to make the next Instagram. DreamWorks Animation is incubating a new social photo and video app called Ptch, which is being independently built by DreamWorks CTO Ed Leonard and a small team he’s put together from inside and outside the studio.

As might be expected in this day and age of so many mobile social content apps, Ptch is pretty well approximated by comparison to a few others: Instagram meets Viddy meets Animoto meets a mashup contest.

On Ptch, you plug in your photos and videos from your phone and elsewhere, add Facebook comments and tweets or your own captions, choose from a list of animated styles and muzak — and voila, you get an instant souped-up video slideshow of one minute or less.

Then you share the completed “Ptch” — pronounced as if it weren’t missing an “i” as the second letter — within the app or with people on other social networks.

Even with the DreamWorks connection and whatever star power and content hookups that the studio can provide, it will be hard for Ptch to stand out.

Liz Gannes from All Things D got to see the app in action and spoke to some of the people behind the app. Head over there for more info.