PLUG-IN Championship: The World’s First Charging-Based, Sports App [video]

Tokyo and New York-based creative company Party has developed a mobile app that takes the act of charging your phone and turns it into a game.

Claiming to be the ‘world’s first charging-based sports app’, the ‘Plug-In Championship’ transforms the mundane act of mobile phone charging into a game—while promoting Toyata’s new hybrid vehicle with rechargeable battery, the ‘Prius PHV’.

Once the game is launched, a fluctuating gauge will appear and players’ goal is to plug their cellphone charger into their phones when the gauge reaches its peak.

Depending on the level of the gauge, players will be rewarded with a score and a wacky short video—ranging from a rocket launch to a watermelon exploding or a bottle of Champagne being popped.

High scores are recorded in a ranking system—where they can compete with other players around the world to win ‘bragging rights’.

PLUG-IN Championship is available for free in the app store