Philips Hue Updated With Geofencing, Recurring Alarms and IFTT Support [video]


Philips Hue has been updated today to v1.1 with new and exciting features. Like geofencing, so your lights turn on when you come home and off when you leave. Or recurring alarms and timers. Plus, hue now works with IFTTT, so your lights can tell you if you’ve got an email. Or you’ve been tagged in a photo. Or even if it’s going to rain later. Get the hue 1.1 update now. It’s the smartest thing since the lightbulb.

The Hue starter pack ($199.95) with core hardware and three bulbs and single bulbs($59.95) are available through Apple. The Philips Hue universal app for iOS devices is a free download from the app store.