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PdaNet Update With Option To Hide Your Tethering Usage

New day, new update in Cydia: PdaNet. PdaNet turns your iPhone into a WiFi hotspot or USB modem so that it can share the iPhone’s Internet access with your computer. It is a unique tether program that does not require an extra tether plan and hides usage from your carrier. Supports both Windows and Mac, as well as any devices with WiFi access such as the iPad.

The new update brings us to v5.01 which comes with some significant changes:

  1. Adds an option to hide your tethering usage.
  2. Now allows multiple WiFi connections.
  3. Rewritten to give you the max performance possible. Also fix a few crashes from previous releases.

PdaNet is available in Cydia Store via modmyi repo. A free version is also available in Cydia, but it blocks secure sites if not registered.