PayUpBra: I Think UOMe Some Props Sucker!

A new day in Cydia, and I notice a new app. Hauntingly familiar sounding, its called PayUpBra! Whoa there bud, that sounds kinda like my app in the App store called “PayUpSucker!” and what do you know, his description is basically a copy/paste job from my iTunes description.

Well curiosity got me, So I proceeded to install it, and well well, what do you know..a dollar sign for the icon. Hmmm..great idea. Opening the app is a nice little difference..a little pop up to chose between IOU and UOMe, but thats the only props I can give. Heck I may even steal that. I’m not going to give this any time on a review other than to say that if imitation is the highest form of flattery, then this is just the highest form of lack of creativity. At least copy the later version of my app and make it useful…or make yours so cool I want to copy you, but instead you make a cheap Taiwan (no offense to Tiawan Ripoffs) that reminds me of a Chia Pet that grows poison Ivy. Heck it crashed on my iPhone while i was trying to do this review. I wanted to see if I could “borrow” some of their, I mean my, ideas.

Now, I am not whining here, and by saying I’m not whining, shouldn’t imply that I’m whining just calling a spade a spade. At least kiss me before you screw me next time. Thanks.