Parallels Access Brings Mac and Windows Apps To The iPad [video]


The company behind the super popular virtualization software Parallels, has released a new iPad app called Parallels Access, which allows you to remotely access Mac and Windows app from their iPads.

While using Parallels Access, users will interact with desktop apps in the same way they interact with iPad apps, and even use the same gestures. In addition to the iPad app, users must download the free Parallels Access Desktop app to their computer of choice. The desktop apps can be accessed via a Springboard-like app launcher and switch between apps via an iOS-like app switcher. Apps will only run in ‘full screen’ mode.

Parallels Access is available for free in the app store but required a subscription service that costs $79.99 a year/computer. However, the app offers a free 14-day trial. Check out the video below to get a better feeling of what Parallels Access can offer you…