Pandy: Save Pandora Songs And Import Them Into Your



Semaphore ( the developer behind TinyUmbrella ) has released Pandy, a Cydia tweak that allows you to save any song that you’re listening to in Pandora and import it into your for

Jump over the break to check out where to find Pandy and how to use it…

NOTE: If Pandora is not available in your country, you can use a VPN. We suggest TunnelBear. Actually, we suggest using a VPN every time you’re using a public hotspot – NOT just for Pandora.

1. Load Cydia. Go to Manage > Sources and add the following source:


2. You will see a new repo in your list. Access it and install the only package that it contains: Pandy.



3. You’re pretty much done. Now open Pandora, and as soon as a songs starts to play, Pandy will start recording. When it’s done, Pandy will tell you that song has been saved.

pandy-3-FSMdotCOM4. Now, if you’ll open you will see that the new song was added to your library

pandy-5-FSMdotCOMThe only problem with Pandy, at the moment, is that it won’t stop recording. But according to semaphore, an SBSettings toggle is in the works, which will allow you to toggle the recording on and off.