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Pandora Controls for iPhone and iTouch

New day, new app in Cydia.Does the name Pandora is ringing any bells for you?Yeah, im not talking bout the first female according to the Greek mythology but about the free radio streaming thingy. ( I love this term “thingy”: such a technical term ). Of course you know what im talking about and you know they got an iPhone app which makes it even easier for you to listen to your favorite music and discover new music.

A few days ago, cwe7976 ( you might know the dude, and if you dont know him, join the FSMdotCOM community 😉 ) , pointed out that i missed on writing about this app, that lets you control Pandora no matter what you are doing. This app is extremly simple and useful. First of all , you need to get Pandora from the iTunes appstore (free!). Than install Pandora controlls from Cydia ( BigBoss ). Now just start Pandora app, tap the home button on your device and do what ever you want. Double tap the home button and you will get iPod-like buttons for Pandora. Nice huh?